St. Nicholas Center

I remember when I was a kid; my mom and grandmother would have quilting parties. For this craft you will need a wire hanger, an old pair of nylon stockings, yarn, pipe cleaners, felt scraps, buttons, wiggly eyes, glue, and scissors. Design, decorate and cut out items for your fish tank, such as shells, a treasure box and fish, of course.

1. To keep your shoes feeling comfortable longer, rotate several pairs. Take a shoebox base for the main part of the head. The structured sides of a shoebox lid make it the perfect base for a DIY shadow box or picture frame. A small theater is one of many things you can make with a shoebox.

Lushome collection of handmade birdhouses provides many interesting ideas for recycled crafts for Craft Ideas kids and adults. This decorative version for the bathroom can be made using jute rope and lining fabric: Wrap the rope around the box and secure it using your trusty hot-glue gun.

Among the homemade Easter gift ideas, one very creative and fun idea is to fill up a box with buttons, threads, string and beads with a note saying that you would like to organize a necklace making party. Parents can organize birthday parties and have their children invite their friends and have craft-making activities.

Decorate the lid of the shoebox with photographs in a theme and turn it into a keepsake box. Convex Frame: Lay the lid of the shoebox with the edges pointing down. Finally, here's a fun craft for preschool children to identify their likes to form a collage. They set out to making custom-built shoes that feel so light and comfortable, that your child will feel he's walking barefoot.

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