The Tenga Zero Flip Hole is like a souped-up version of a Tenga Egg, which is a super-stretchy and textured masturbator designed for one-time use . The Zero Flip Hole opens up like a book, which immediately sets it apart from Fleshlights and other strokers, and features a rippled silicone interior that’ll take you and your love on a bumpy ride in… Read More

Welcome to THE Filipino American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Houston. Business is booming in all sectors: tourism, trade, import-export, agriculture, construction, manufacturing Visit the Philippines. This survey of Filipino-Americans, like earlier surveys, showed that increasing age is the strongest risk factor for diabetes.We will submit your … Read More

I remember when I was a kid; my mom and grandmother would have quilting parties. For this craft you will need a wire hanger, an old pair of nylon stockings, yarn, pipe cleaners, felt scraps, buttons, wiggly eyes, glue, and scissors. Design, decorate and cut out items for your fish tank, such as shells, a treasure box and fish, of course.1. To keep … Read More

So, you've finally decided to rise through the ranks and occupy the throne? You might find heavily textured toys overwhelming, so opting for a smoother or curved dildo may be more comfortable rather than one with deep ridges or bumps. While using this household thing as a dildo sex toy, the condom is necessary. Pump away after your sex toy is full … Read More

You might have heard of p-spot orgasm and how pleasurable it could be. But, there is actually more to it that pleasure. Once inserted, the control button located on the base delivers 2 types of sensual rotating motions of the uniquely angled head for gentle, rolling prostate massages that yield long, full body climaxes. It can be hard to imagine if… Read More