Takeaway: Amazon's Sexual Wellness section is chock-full of sex toys, but it's a mixed bag. Orange falls in that camp, too, while skin tones risk making certain vibrators look like unwieldy skin tags, 'œbizarre fleshy overhangs' as Dame's Lieberman put it. Then, 'œthe furthest thing from their mind when they look at green is sex or pleasure,' mus… Read More

Before learning ONE of the methods we use to help clients quit watching porn and end their porn addiction, we have to address a very POWERFUL DYNAMIC inside the mind. The bottom line to this whole story is the adolescent is shaping its brain to the sexual environment. Like anyone who watches porn is automatically a misogynistic rapist wife beater (… Read More

Eating properly has many notable health advantages, including significant penis enlargement benefits. Bananas - Good for your heart and for your blood flow, bananas are our #1 recommended food for penis enlargement. Penis size during puberty is greatly influenced by the stage of puberty. One team of researchers quoted in the study reported average… Read More

A man died after a vibrator became lodged in his body and he was too embarrassed to see a doctor, an inquest heard today. This small pink vibrator is fun, and just the right size to slip into a purse or luggage pocket for use while traveling. During Epstein's term of house arrest,” he made several trips each month to his New York home and his pri… Read More

Lubricants can be a vital part of a healthy sex life. With water based lubricants once you open a bottle it will start to lose its effectiveness, and if you don't remember to close the cap securely it will evaporate over time. Even if a woman isn't interested in staying sexually active, keeping her vagina normal in size allows more comfortable gyne… Read More